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Sometimes things are nearly, but not quite right; however the cost and time taken to return them to the manufacturer renders ‘saving’ the product uneconomic and here at NFS 360 Connect we despise waste. This is why we have extended or services to cover a wide variety of reworking solutions to suit all individual requirements.  Our specialised department can also facilitate specific quality inspection requirements before despatch.

Reworking can include:

- Set-up of an appropriate reworking environment.

- Fault identification against customer set criteria.

- Use of ‘Standard Operating Procedures’ to train our staff.

- Carry out the reworking operation and identify the parts to confirm this has been done.

- Physical and system based segregation of good from bad stock.

- Report generation to show outcomes and statistics associated with the rework.

Every customer has different requirements, and we have the flexibility to adapt. Whatever you need, you’ll find that we can deal with the problem goods swiftly and efficiently and get the reworked load back into the supply chain as quickly as possible.


All of our clients expect the highest possible levels of quality from us, in particular our automotive centred clients.


The high standards set by the automotive industries sometimes mean that components held in stock no longer meet the latest regulations and this means recovery actions have an important role to play.

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