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We are confident that like us, you just love happy customers.  Moving parts safely, securely and cost effectively has to be a great starting point.

Selecting the wrong packaging solution has broad reaching implications; excess cost linked to transporting and storing fresh air, damaged products and lost business.

Regardless of how you intend to ship your goods, it is critical that you fully consider the potential hazards and opportunities associated with packaging management.

At NFS 360 Connect, we help our customers give this commodity the appropriate consideration throughout its extended life-cycle.  We can start at the very beginning or become involved at any stage to suit our customer’s needs.  We help minimise costs as we design solutions that take the least possible space while ensuring the product and the people handling them remain safe.

We offer solutions that include:

- Full design and manufacturing service.

- An inspection, reporting and refurbishing service that ensures all containers in use are monitored and managed to ensure they remain fit for purpose.

- Re-design facility that looks at the cost effectiveness of remodelling ‘end of life’ containers for alternative products.

- Financing solutions where we supply the containers and we lease it to the customer on flexible terms.


Where assembly is involved there is an inherent challenge to get the required parts to the required destinations in a safe and cost-effective way.


Our customer, Caterpillar make BIG vehicles and this requires lots of BIG parts!  Poorly designed reusable packaging is a problem that does not go away and invariably the end user pays the price, over and over again.

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